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Saad Almeshri Foundation


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Visual identity design
Wayfinding system
Saad Almeshri Foundation is a unique charitable organization within the endowment sector and is one of a kind in Tabuk City. Its primary goal is to provide assistance and support to small businesses, community programs, and charitable organizations in Tabuk. Additionally, the foundation is committed to helping those in need who have made positive contributions and maximizing its impact on the community.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Clear identity approach
Awareness and brand recognition
Digital transformation
We helped the Saad Almeshri Foundation create a system that connects it with its intended audience and achieves its goals. The system includes a unified identity that reflects the foundation's vision, values, and objectives while increasing its visibility across all platforms and forums.
The design concept was based on the phrase "وقف مستمر لتنمية مستدامة" and represents the name of the founder and innovator in the form of an abstract human heart, expressing the services and nature of the project to provide a clear picture of its goals and objectives.

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