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Brand identity for the Tabuk-based cafe We had the pleasure of working with Milla, a unique cafe and kiosk-based in Tabuk. Milla offers a wide selection of coffee drinks, each with their own unique twist. Our team was tasked with creating a brand identity that truly captured the essence of what Milla represents.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Clear identity approach
Awareness and brand recognition
Increase revenue
Through our creative process, we discovered that Milla's core values are rooted in modernity while still maintaining a connection to the past. With this in mind, we developed a brand that embodies these values through the use of surrealism and playful design elements. We worked with Milla's owners to accurately reflect their vision for the café's brand identity. We incorporated Tabuk's landscape elements into the design and created a unique color palette and typography for all marketing materials, making the brand easily recognizable and memorable.
Thank you
A big thank you to our amazing team, Khalid Alhindy, Anas Bakhsh, Yassine Basraoui, and to our partners, Mhamoud A., Sameh Shukri Co-founders of Milla.

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