NEOM Seven Senses Boulevard


Brand strategy & positioning
Visual identity design
Wayfinding system
Event Elements
NEOM is unveiling the Seven Senses Boulevard to honor national talent and products. This cultural and entertainment event aims to raise awareness of NEOM’s Social Responsibility programs and their impact through interactive display of diverse beneficiaries and products. the two-week event showcase the crafts of artisans and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to enhance their marketing potential and drive their business development, while also highlighting the local heritage of the Tabuk and NEOM regions.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Brand identity approach
Awareness and brand recognition
Convert rate
Through a collaborative and disciplined approach, we were able to develop a brand identity that spoke to its values, mission, and unique position in the market. focusing on creating a visual identity that was both modern and timeless, conveying a sense of reliability, trust, and excellence.

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