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The city center of Medina is home to the second most famous location in the world, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, also referred to as the "Prophet's Mosque". The primary goal of the Taiba Owner Association is to oversee the management of apartment properties located in the city center. This is done with the intention of benefiting apartment owners with investments, while also maximizing the use of apartments owned by those who have not invested.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Brand identity shift
Awareness and brand recognition
Digital transformation and use of platforms
The Taiba Owner Association required an identity system to efficiently manage owners through digital applications. The implementation of this system would facilitate improved communication with customers and owners and enhance the management of residential and commercial units through a standardized platform.
We conducted extensive exploration and analysis workshops over a period of six months to discover the identity of Medina City and Taiba Owner Association. These efforts had a significant impact and were successfully reflected in the results that we achieved.

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