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Brand research
Brand strategy & positioning
Visual identity design
Wayfinding system
Tala'e Alghad schools are renowned for their accomplishments. We have developed an identity that reflects the school's success. The new logo and color palette embody qualities that fulfill hopes, remove obstacles, and are flexible and adaptable.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Clear identity approach
Awareness and brand recognition
Revenue growth
It is important for a business's visual identity to match its goals and objectives, as misalignment can hinder growth and success. Tala'e Alghad Schools faced this issue as their outdated visual identity did not accurately represent their innovative approach to education. By rebranding and updating their visual identity, Tala'e Alghad Schools was able to effectively communicate their unique value proposition to their target audience and drive growth and success.
Big Thanks
A thanks to our amazing team, Khalid Alhindy, Anas Bakhsh, Yassine Basraoui, and to our partner, M. Aljabrie, GM of Talae' alghad

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