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Equestrian is the first of its kind in Tabuk. We worked with Gheem, one of Saudi Arabia's leading equestrian organizations, to develop their revaluation thoughts.

What We Achieved

We Achieved

Brand identity implementation
Awareness and brand recognition
Convert rate, and ticket sales
We studied the market and identified key trends to ensure that Gheem's new brand would resonate with the younger target audience. Through this process, we discovered that storytelling would be a powerful tool in bringing the brand to life. We created a visually compelling and authentic identity that tells the story of Gheem's rich history while also appealing to the modern consumer. By incorporating elements of the past and present, we ensured that Gheem's brand would have longevity and appeal to both old and new customers. Overall, our collaboration with Gheem was a success, and we are proud to have helped them establish a brand that is future-proof and true to their roots.
Thank you
A big thank you to our amazing team, Khalid Alhindy, Anas Bakhsh, Yassine Basraoui, and to our partners, Mhamoud A., Sameh Shukri Co-founders of Midian.

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